Big God? Big Questions

Exciting news! Christ Church PMB is hosting a sermon series tackling a few of the big questions people have of God. How do we know he’s there? Do we need him to be good people? Hasn’t evolution disproved the Bible’s account of creation? These are some of the questions we’ll be thinking through – starting … [Read more…]

Comrades & the Christian

Every year the Comrades marathon has a challenging tagline; last year (2016) it was “Izokuthoba – it will humble you” (it does). For the 2017 Comrades run it’s: “Zinikele – it takes all of you”. It does…it really does and it’s the problem with things like Comrades – it takes all of you. The question … [Read more…]

Church plant: Why the northern suburbs?

Last week we considered the reasons why we as Christ Church are sending people to form a new church. One of the immediate questions we need to consider then is: why the northern suburbs (N.S.)? Well – it’s not because our people living there don’t want to travel to church, and it’s not because there … [Read more…]

Why plant a church?

We are planning to send a group of people to the Northern Suburbs in January 2018 to start a new church. Why? How did we arrive at this decision? Here are some brief comments We want to plant a church: to be Obedient Our mission as disciples of Christ is to “go and make disciples”. … [Read more…]

Man-Up Conference 2016

In a world in which there is much confusion on what it means to be a real man, we would like to announce that first “Man-up” conference is being launched this March the 12th  (9am-2pm) at the Workstation in Umhlali (Salt Rock/ Ballito area). This year we have an international speaker who will be teaching … [Read more…]

Men’s Weekend – the post-script

It’s hard to describe the Men’s Weekend Away without getting a bit carried away. Everything was great. Around 30 of us went away to El Olam – a bungalow-camp near Eston – where we were taken good care of (read: fed well). It was a great place, with a relaxed atmosphere. This just lent itself … [Read more…]